Audit and Assurance

Audit and insurance assignments represent a significant part of the activity of CDP Partners, which has developed cutting-edge expertise in industry, finance, distribution, the service sector, the social economy, and development and humanitarian work.
Our approach is adapted to the size and specifics of each case. It is based on a precise assessment of the risks and on an assessment of the organisation’s control environment. On this basis, audit plans are adapted before the data and financial information are checked with a view to issuing the audit opinion.

Types of assignment

  • Audit of statutory accounts
  • Audit of consolidated accounts
  • Verification of expenses for projects financed by European institutions or other donors
  • Contractual assignments
  • Acquisition audits, valuations, business setups
  • Organisational audits
  • Expertise and technical assistance

Accountancy and taxation

CDP Partners provides you with all the right resources for your evolving needs and your activity sector in order to meet your expectations in terms of accounting and taxation in compliance with legal requirements.

Types of assignment

  • Assistance in setting up companies

    • Feasibility analyses, financial plans, preparation of articles of association
    • Optimisation of salary packages
    • Administrative assistance: Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, VAT, CASTI, etc.
  • Accounting & statutory accounts

    • Bookkeeping
    • Audit
    • Preparation of Belgian accounts according to Belgian and international standards
  • Accounting & consolidated accounts

    • Preparation of consolidated accounts in accordance with Belgian and international standards
    • Preparation of consolidation reporting according to Belgian and international standards
  • Cost accounting

    • Analytical accounting design
  • Internal reporting

    • Preparation of group financial reporting
  • Legal documents

    • Support with preparing the minutes of general meetings and meetings of the governance body as required by the Companies and Associations Code and other statutory obligations (closing and approving accounts, liquidity tests, going concern reports, declaration of beneficial ownership, resignations and appointments of directors, publication etc.)
  • Tax

    • Preparation of tax returns and their annexes (corporate tax, tax on legal entities, compensatory tax for non-profit organisations, income tax, etc.)
    • Assistance during tax controls by the authorities
    • Advice on tax organisation in relation to your specific projects (planning for the transition to company status, disposal of business assets, etc.)
    • Tax forms
  • VAT

    • Preparation of VAT returns and other VAT-related documents
    • VAT registration and declaration of cessation of activities
    • Assistance during VAT controls by the authorities
  • Management support

    • Implementation of management tools and dashboards
    • Executive support and help with decision-making
    • Technical advice
  • Succession and transfers of businesses

  • Administrative services

Other audit assignments

CDP Partners gives you optimal advice, taking account of the context and the purpose of the operation you plan to carry out.

Types of assignment

  • Contributions in kind and quasi-contributions
  • Changes of legal form
  • Interim dividends
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Liquidations, etc.

Advice and consultancy

Optimisation of information systems, risk control, implementation of appropriate and sustainable strategies and policies... CDP Partners has developed expertise in finance and systems to enable you to face all the challenges of growth, mergers, succession or disputes that could arise in your company. With the right information and the right systems at the right time, you can anticipate market developments and implement the right strategies.

Types of assignment

  • Assistance with clarifying your vision and mission, prioritising your strategies and introducing action plans
  • Assistance with improving communication between your different departments to maximise your action plans’ chance of success
  • Analysis and modelling of investment projects, assessment of related forecasts and securing of financing models
  • Assessment of your internal control procedures or introduction of relevant procedures
  • Introduction of an internal audit department
  • Introduction of management control procedures
  • Introduction of a risk management system
  • Introduction of human resources procedures (setting of objectives, assessment, recruitment)
  • Company and business valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Appraisal of damages and commercial losses in the context of arbitration or legal proceedings
  • Development of a business plan (for start-ups)